Why The Tool Ranch?

We Deliver to You!

Need tools at your work-site? Leave it to us! Call us today for consultation, to schedule a pickup or delivery!

We’re not just counter clerks and sales reps. We are your PERSONAL CONSULTANTS in the industry. Have an application issue? Looking for a particular fastener? Need a tool demo on your job site? Want to try out a MAX ReBar Tier? No problem. Just give us a call.

ROCHESTER, NY: 585.216.9334
BUFFALO, NY: 716.685.1556


We don’t just sell tools and fasteners: We recommend FASTENING SYSTEMS. Need a framing nailer? What about the appropriate compressor to put out enough air (SCFM)? Air hose-3/8″ or 1/4″ diameter? Fittings? Fasteners for pressure treated?

We’ll guide you through the process.

We Deliver On Site

Eliminate down time on the job.

Let us deliver products to you, on site!

Need fasteners? Have a broken tool you need picked up?

We’re there for you.

Multiple Locations

Two locations to serve you better:

ROCHESTER: 585.216.9334 | BUFFALO: 716.685.1556

We Have It All

Your home for fasteners:
Bulk and collated for pneumatic tools; concrete anchors; tap cons; wedge anchors; carriage bolts and lags; drywall screws; nuts and bolts; stainless steel and hot dipped fasteners. You name it!

Swing by for expert advice and service

Contact Us Today!

Authorized Warranty Center

We service what we sell. Our Service Department knows the value of your time. Broken tools cost you time and money. Let us get you back up and working. We service most major brands and we are an authorized warranty service center for Makita, Hitachi, Rolair, Bosch, Simpson Strong-Tie, Senco, DeWalt and Max USA Corp.

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You guys are great. If we could get the rest of our subs to be like you we’d be millionaires.

Straightline Construction

Tool Ranch makes things easy every time! We call them with what we need, and they deliver it to our doorsteps on time, as we ordered it and with a friendly smile. At the end of the day, we do business with Tool Ranch because working with them is stress free!

Sarah Schembri
Houseworx, LLC.

My customers and my business demand high quality products and customer service. I’ve found both of these qualities working with the fine people Tool Ranch since the early 1990’s. I’m part of the Tool Ranch family and I highly recommend making them a part of your family too.

Mike Caroll, Owner MP
Caroll Hardwood

Not only did they deliver to my job site, but to my house. Can’t beat that.

Richard Schneider, Owner
Schneider Remodeling

I’ve been with Tool Ranch since the beginning. It’s where I’m staying.

Bob Rosiak, Owner
RSR Construction Corp

For the past fifteen years, Tool Ranch has taken care of my equipment, fasteners and tool repairs. In my opinion the service and pricing they provide for my company is the best in WNY.

Thomas J. Welsh, Owner